Remembrance Day

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

They heard the call,
They rushed to fight
They sought a life
Free from a nation’s might.

Yet more there were,
This time compelled
National Service took them.
Their obligations held.

Still now they come,
Volunteers all,
A career! A life!
is now the call.

However they came,
All gave everything,
Our debt to them,
Paid by remembering

Though nothing we do,
Nor anything we say,
Can bring back the dead,
On Remembrance day.

So think of them now,
As the clock strikes eleven.
Whichever war took them,
They reside now in heaven.

They gave their today
that we might have our tomorrow.
Pray, let us be worthy
Let’s not waste all that sorrow.


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