REMEMBRANCE. The Old Soldier.

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

I saw him walking down the road,
With still a lively gait,
Going down to the square,
He will never miss this date,
Today is his reflection,
To think of times long past,
Young men, joking, laughing,
Who thought their lives would last,
Far longer than time given,
For nothing was their crime,
Simply that they were the ones,
Who were just there at that time,
Now all these years later,
Some faces out of reach,
Bloodied and lifeless,
He saw them on that beach,
So today he must remember,
He knows how much it cost,
For everyone he loved that day,
Was everyone he lost,
The redness of the Poppy,
Standing out against the black,
One for each of my friends,
The ones who never came back.


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