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Remembrance Day is here again
We sit in church with servicemen
We think of those who left before
We think of those who were adored

As I look round this holy place
I see young people smiles on face
I start to wonder if they know
Why to these churches we still go

I look and see a laughing lad
A smiling lassie it’s nice I’m glad
I picture now inside my head
the mates I lost, those gone, the dead

I smile softly to each in turn
My boys, my lads, my eyes do burn
I see them clear they’re smiling back
They look so peaceful dressed in black

If I could talk with them today
I think I know what I would say
“I miss you lads my friends my mates
I’ll meet you by those pearly gates”

I wonder now if anyone cares
the ones sat here in rows of chairs
wondering why old ones like me
come to touch old memories

But as I left the church today
A young lad took my hand to say
For what you did and those you lost
I thank you Sir for such a cost

My day was made by what he said
His eyes they told me, he mourned our dead
And as I looked back one more time
He raised his arm to salute so fine

My eyes they watered a tear escaped
I could not speak my throat it ached
He stood so proudly arm still raised
I saluted back – God be praised


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