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In the back of a Barn cold and dark,
behind an old Chevy without a spark
sat an old Harley Bike covered in dust,
Sadly, much of the frame had been eaten by rust.

For 30 odd Years they’d sat in that place
with spiders and cobwebs reducing their space,
the tyres and seats now ravaged by time
were as sad as the paintwork which had lost all it’s shine.

“Hey Harley” said Chevey, “what you doin today? ”
“Oh, nothin much” Harley said looking away,
“So what about you?” Harley said to the Chev,
“No iv’e nothin planned coz my batterys dead”.

They sat and remembered the days in the past
when out on the Highways their engines would blast,
they thought of the Sunlight and feel of the Road,
then looked at each other, their loneliness showed.

Then all of a sudden with a clatter and din
the Barn doors flew open and two boys looked in,
the bright golden sunlight shone fierce through the dust
though Harley and Chevy could only see rust.

The two boys excitedly ventured inside
and Gasped when they saw what the Barn had to hide,
they looked at each other and together they said
“I’ll have the Harley and I’ll have the Chev”.

Now Twenty years later and beaming with pride
the two boys are taking them out for a ride,
the Harley and Chevy restored to their best
are back on the road after 30 Years rest.


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