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In War there is one winner
The Grim Reaper is his name
In retrospect it’s easy
On who to lay the blame
But in these British Islands
Soldiers true we’ve trained
To carry out their daunting task
So peace may be maintained
‘tho we all know impossible
Is what their goal may seem
They carry out their chosen role
And win worldwide esteem
As any troubled Nation through time
Our assistance they may ask
To rid them of a coup d’etat
Or Terrorism may be their task
But politicians never fight
It’s only they who decide
Like Chamberlain, Churchill & Thatcher
Who will fight for this Country’s pride
And if we asked of the men of that time
Would they all agree it was right
For them to lay their lives on the line
I’ve a feeling that they just might
In retrospect say what is war all about
What is the goal that we seek
To rid far off Nations of oppressors
And give protection to the weak.


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