Return to Flanders fields

by | Mar 28, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

And while the landscape has changed and planes now fly overhead
We will not forget the sacrifice you made,
Soldiers: Forever young, forever brave
Silenced by death.
Who laid down their lives in Flanders Fields

Countless raindrops have fallen since then,
But it has not made us forget,
Despite the passing of the years,
Tears are still wept, falling like the rain.

Those who thought that the war they fought
Would be the war to end all wars
United in their vision to protect the nation
Selfless acts indeed
Whose journey ended in Flanders Fields.

Today, a new generation
Stand with the people of the years gone past
To pay their respects to the men who perhaps found peace,
Comforted that they did not die in vain
But battled for a new generation so they could be free
And live in peace again

With the poppy still burning red
A lasting reminder to all
Of the courage and kindness and bravery
Of the men who gave their all.

Words cannot portray
The gratitude we have for the men of yesterday
The poppy’s message is quite clear when worn,
And speaks more proficiently than any words could say.

The silence on the eleventh hour,
Pays tribute and calls out across the years
Back to those fields, where the wind softly whistles, with a message to impart
So the men who fell in battle may rest peacefully at last

For the generations are united
And time and age depart
And the message from the new generation is ‘thank you’
‘Thank you with all our hearts.’


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