Rhodesia/Zimbabwe 1980

by | Sep 1, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Township buildings etched out sharp
Against the orange Sun
A silhouette of blackness
The colours slowly run

The morning mist is melting
Exposing ground so dry
The bones of fallen soldiers
Picked clean by vultures high

Who did these men belong to
What stories could they tell ?
Silenced now forever
These men have been to Hell

We’ve been out here for two long weeks
Patrolling in the heat
One more week till we go home
Then comrades we will meet

We ‘ Selous Scouts ‘ have seen it all
The dying and the dead
The women raped in villages
The children killed in bed

The men with amputations
Cut off to teach a lesson
To instil fear amongst them
But still alive, a blessing ?

I’ve grown immune to all of this
The casualties of war
Walking past the injured
The screaming I ignore

But soon I will be out of this
Unemployed and free
When ‘ Mugabe ‘ comes to power
Disbanded we will be

We’ll then disperse around the World
To war zones far and wide
Our memories they will follow us
There’s no place we can hide

Rhodesia was my Motherland
But now it isn’t mine
For when you visit , in the future
‘ Zimbabwe’s ‘ on the sign !


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