‘Rich versus Poor’

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They stood at lifes crossroads, two people in doubt
One of them with money, the other without
Should they go to the left, or go to the right
Start off immediately, or go tonight

The poor person then said, I think we should walk
And if we do that, I do so want to talk
Never! said the rich person. We have to drive
And quite soon you will see how well I survive

So that we discuss my superb way of life
Why? said the poor person as sharp as a knife
“And for what do you work, with worry and strife?
Is it to buy jewels for your nagging wife?

No! replied the rich man I work to earn wealth
Oh quipped the poor man does that give you health?
No! The reply, One day I’ll not have to work
Then no one can say I’m a lazy old shirk

And I can lie in bed late into the day
Surely that is more than you can ever say
Wrong! Said the tramp I lie in late every day
I never do worry from whence comes my days pay

And no person to nag me every night
When I drink with my pals until I am tight
I rise when I want to, stay in bed till late
Never have to worry with rent to debate

You think your life is superb! No more than mine!
I have lived a life that to me is just fine
So then my comrade, shall we remain good friends?
Never! cried poor-rich man, for my road here ends

OK said the tramp If you go only this far
Why then did you not bring your silly fast car?
How far have we come? said rich man-to-man poor
Maybe twenty miles, or perhaps twenty-four?

Does it matter? Said man with no money belt
I feel better now than I have ever felt
True! My feet are quite sore on my heels and toes
And a great big fly keeps biting my nose

However! Because my pockets are so light
And the summer sun is now so warm and bright
To hear to the bees buzz around their beehive
I think Im lucky to be strong and to strive

You must be mad, retorted man of some wealth
For all this damn walking is bad for my health
My butt muscles hurt and my spine is all bent
My trousers are torn and my temper is spent

If someone should offer a bed for the night
I would pay them a fortune without a fight
Dont talk silly offered the poor old guy
Do you think happiness with money you buy?

That you avoid problems by using your wealth?
Or having a full wallet guarantees health?
Although pockets are empty, stomach is full
Even though Im poor, I am strong as a bull

For all my life I have lived by my toil
Always taken my food from Gods honest soil
My back now is strong and my conscience is clear
And the good Lord above I hold very dear

He will now lead me through dark valleys of death
Guiding me onwards to my last dying breath
Who then brother is the richer, you or I
When the moment comes and together we die?

Just take my arm and let us answer the call
To a place where money means nothing at all
Together the rich man and his friend the tramp
Climbed up to heaven on a crystal ramp.


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