Rid the Night of Grey

by | May 30, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

Now cloak’d in shadows (form’d thru sacrifice)
‘The Darkness’ comes when least expected to
For those among who paid said ‘highest price’
Such ‘torments’ doth avoid within review
Yet each in turn would gladly suffer same
Perchance life’s path twas set on diff’rent course
If they, not I, survived the mindless game
Wouldst outcome then still prove as here, perforce
Avaunt my friends and seek repose elsewhere
Lest perturbations feed my fitful nights
Release from binding, thoughts as do ensnare
Avert my gaze from all such dreadful sights
Forgive my selfish aim (doth humbly Pray)
If I thru hopeful plea bid thee away


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