Right Gone Wrong

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

We swarmed all over spreading death
We killed and maimed them all
We checked their lifeless bodies
And made the evac call

You sit at home and read in the news
and cheer at what we’ve done
“oh well done our lads what excellent work”
you cheered cos we butchered sons

Oh yes you’re righteous you know what’s good
And what we did was fine
But kick a kid who killed last night
Oh no you’ve crossed over the line

You don’t know the pain you don’t feel the stress
You’ve never been shot or brain splattered
So get off your chair and come over here
And see clear thought become shattered

You read of us dying and say “what a shame”
And walk down the road to your bus
But what you don’t see is the pain that we feel
That boy was a brother to us

If that was your brother your son or your mate
Would you then say “what a shame”?
No I don’t think so; you’d feel what we feel
And want to find someone to blame

Can we control what we feel when it happens?
We’re ordered to get through the pain
Could you keep your head as your mates end up dead?
Time and time yet again

And what do YOU do to help us out here
yes YOU who sent us to fight
Nothing at all so ask yourself this
Does taking revenge now seem right?

“Oh No” you shout as if you know best
They’re animals give them the boot
But if that was your boy they tore up last night
Would you perhaps want to shoot?

We could talk this over and over again
And still you wouldn’t agree
You’re not over here living our lives
Fighting to make others free

So thank all your gods or thank who you want
I’m slowly caring much less
And if I come home then you will pay
For my Post Traumatic Stress


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