Ring of Rosary

by | Apr 7, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Passion passed through fingers frail, a sinner’s abacus at hand
Decades counted out through life, indulgence of repented soul
Devotional in prayerful state when supplicant in heartfelt plea
In smoothness of the rounded beads, if truth be known they speak to me

‘Mysteries’ abound, both ‘Sorrowful’ and full of ‘Joy’
At times with ‘Glory’ all around to focus spirit of the mind
A shining light illuminates His life as lived, to show the way
Recounting of ‘Apostles Creed’, of whence and hence doth truly reign

Our Father praised and Mary hailed, God Glorified in ‘Trinity’
I pray in turn for ‘Holy See’ then contemplate the word foretold
In meditating scriptured phrase, proclaimed at length by circumstance
Solemnity observed when walking in His shoes, as one

Hark the silence in my soul, when stilled by thoughts sublime
‘Salve Regina’ lifted up for promise made, pray worthy we
‘Regina Caeli’ compliments rejoicing of sweet memory
This Cross which Thou hath borne for me, I kiss in Mercy’s Litany


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