Rise Against and Fall

by | Jan 22, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The blood that is spilt in our countries name,
Is the blood of sons and families pain,
The day their tears hit the floor,
Was the day they closed his coffin door.

He did his job in every way,
And was proud to be serving that day,
But when that fire came round his ears,
He fought them back despite his fears,

With sweat coming out of every pore,
This is what he joined up for,
To fight the foe that wants to see,
Chaos reign in supremacy.

Through all the noise he heard a scream,
And he knew what it did mean,
He put down his arms and got into action,
With dressing applied he began the extraction.

Under fire he picked his mate up,
And that’s when he ran out of luck,
The iron bolt entered his side,
And this is how he finally died.

But his extraction was a success,
And we are now only one soldier less,
He laid his life down for his mate as he,
Who died with the ultimate dignity.

As he flies home in his coffin bourn,
Fulfilling the vow that he has sworn,
Now we mourn with his families loss,
Of a soldier that will never be forgot.


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