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As I sit and look at the scene before me
In the chill of the evening air
Enjoying the peace and tranquillity
Without a worry or care
Totally entranced by the wonders I see
As the details I start to note
The calmness of the water in the river
Creating an atmosphere so remote
From the constant stress of everyday life
Where time goes rushing by
Which prompts me to now look upwards
To the slight angriness in the Sky
Many shades of grey are before me
Controlled by a darker menacing cloud
Enveloping the upper horizon
As though ready to cover the scene with a shroud
Fields of green up on the hills
And a house in the copse to the right
Sheds coming down to the waters edge
Though almost out of sight
Moored to the bank with a man on board
An old weathered Sailing Barge
Loading his next cargo perhaps
To deliver to the world at large
When the tide is right to sail away
Down the river and way beyond
On water reflecting the angry Sky
Yet with the stillness of the village pond
Now it’s time to say goodbye
To take my leave of this idyllic scene
Hopeful of yet another experience some time
Where peace and tranquillity reign supreme


  1. William Roe

    Excellent, we all need time to stop, think and be thankful for how safe we are and to spare a thought for those that do not have that pleasure anymore.

    • Mac

      I totally agree with what you’ve said there Will. I think so many people, even me, forget how this freedom we and many others enjoy came from great sacrifice 👍


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