Road to romance

by | Jul 12, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Two young people so in love
Oblivious to all around
Each entwined in the others life
Is happiness what they’ve found
Each waking moment when they’re apart
The young lady with stars in her eyes
Taking her loved one into her heart
Hoping he too will realise
For love is determined in so many ways
Sometimes involves give and take
Say the wrong word at the wrong time
And surely a heart may break
Although ‘tis said words spoken in haste
May sometimes bring cause for regret
When all it would have taken was a little more thought
Avoiding tears and cheeks that were wet
But alas it can happen too often
For many are guilty as we all know
Releasing wrath out of frustration
Promoting acrimony to grow
But romantics have an inbuilt buffer system it seems
Where tolerance sometimes plays a part
To discuss any difference between them
And heal many a broken heart
But surely this is how love should really be
In what some call the Mating Game
Accepting at times when one is at fault
And agreeing to share some of the blame
For the Path of Live is never straight
Sometimes it may be winding and bending
But as the happy couple stroll the course
Hoping for Fairy Tale ending.


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