Role Reversal

by | May 2, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

Children rely on their parents
To nurture them as they grow
Providing them with all they need
That’s the way life goes

From babes in arms to stroppy teenagers
All the years in between
Parents do what they must do
To fulfil their children’s needs

They continue on the circle of life
Without any kind of rehearsal
But at some point on this continuous path
They face a role reversal

Once adults, the penny drops
As the children become parents too
Just how challenging parenting is
But they do what they must do

Then, as the sands of time begin to slow
Old age starts setting in
The needs of the parent outweigh the child
So the role reversal begins

The child now nurtures their parents
Tending to all they need
They do so without question
So they may grow old gracefully


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