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A Blyton Lad When at school
Very deaf but no ones fool
Playing cricket whilst still young
People feared the balls he’d flung
Also in the football game
His success was local fame
Then he met an awesome beauty
To groom and show, became his duty
County shows far and wide
Shire horses by his side
Splendid, magnificent quite a size
Walking off with many a prize
Working with pride and no fear
London came, Horse of the year
This job ended it wasn’t funny
He went to work at ‘’Sunny Scunny’’
On his sixtieth birthday what a treat
Two Shire horse at the top of the street
Denise and Donna by his side
Remembering all that had passed with pride
Ill health came, he had to retire
And watch Sky sports from by the fire
Time to ponder, time to think
Visit Liberal club, have a drink
His life with us came to an end
A loving Husband, Dad and friend
At Lewis street we had to part
A fine send off, Shire horse and Cart

Rest in Peace, till Reunited with Shire Horse and Man United


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