Ross’ Christmas Poem 2009

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Dearest Ross I write this rhyme
To try and help you pass the time
I know you have a cunning plan
And WILL defeat the Taliban

So I write at Christmas one last time
To tell you that the family’s fine

Bub and Nanna send their Love
And pray each night to God above

Trevor & Boris are 0 K
But we still think that Alfie’s gay

In Vegas Alex won enough
To pay for all your broken stuff
He says you would have been so proud
As the party was so Loud!! ( just joking )

Karina says it’s just no fun
On the beach in the blazing sun
She thinks about you all the time
But in her heart she knows your fine

Steve says take care you big lug
Ann,Kevin & Rabbits send their love

It’s nice this Christmas that you are able
To live like Jesus in a stable
But Santa’s beard is snowy white
Your ginger one just won’t look right!!

I am fine but worry so
It’s just what mothers do you know
So just make sure that you take good care
I love you so it’s only fair

I still campaign, I beg and plead
To the M.O.D. for all you need
So say Hello to all the Boys
I hope that Santa brings their Toys

The 25th is very soon
So try and raise a glass at NOON
We’ll raise one too and send a cheer
Say Happy Christmas & New Year.

Well that’s your lot – my rhyme is done
I miss you – And – I love you son XXX


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