Royal British Legion

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It’s Armistice Day in November
And Memories don’t seem to fade
Time once more for Remembrance
And the Royal British Legion Parade
With their heads held high and shoulders back
There’s a hint of sadness in their eyes
Still smart are these “Yesterday Soldiers”
Tho’ they now wear suits and ties
Gone for them are the days of Uniform
The Khaki, The Navy and The Blue
Each served the Queen and the Country
All Britain’s good men and true
And as they are called to attention
The Bearers their Standards raise
And march to the Local Memorial
In a silent moment each man prays
Then as one the Group of Bearers
Slowly let their Standards fall
As tho’ in a quiet answer
To the lonely Buglers Call
And the familiar words they all remember
“At the going down of the Sun”
The universal words for those that were lost
We remember them , every one
So now it’s back to attention
With medals on their chests well displayed
As they march away in grand formation
In the Royal British Legion Parade

Dennis Shrubshall 18th July 2007


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