Royal Wooton Bassett

by | Jul 26, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

We thank you Wootton Bassett
We thank you for what you have done
you brought together the country on days
that were filled with gloom
the return of our Heroes “Daughters and son’s”
was made very special by the people of your town
and the thousands of people that come from miles around
The people lined the streets young and old alike
they were all proud to be there and make their feeling felt
to shed a tear for a hero who in battle fell,
They could see the cortege coming and silence did fall
the toll of the bell a lonely toll was all
The standards dropped the hurst did stop,
Just where the family stood, flowers placed upon the car
And tears shed by all, i bet our heroes looking down were
proud of what you done,
So thank you Royal Wooton Bassett for the way you
welcomed our heroes home


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