Ruins on the moor

by | Sep 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The moor looked so desolate
Uninviting to me
But this was the challenge
I would face with impunity
To walk the path that very few trod
Looking for conquests new
Was there some danger lurking there
Beyond the Horizon so blue
The Sun was rising there in the East
A golden halo spreading fast
Tho’ I knew that during my day long trek
This beautiful weather might not last
Mile after mile I strode along
Hoping directions were right
To study the ancient ruins
And get back to my lodging by night
All of a sudden came into view
A sight which to me was so rare
This wonderful relic of a bygone age
Gracefully standing there
And as I approached this ageing fortress
Or perhaps an Abbey of days gone by
And there through the crumbling masonry
Some portals I did espy
Or were they the remains that surrounded
The exit or entry therein
This was the start of my challenge
Where my adventure would begin
The trees drew themselves in a mantle
As tho’ to shelter this magical scene
For grass had replaced the floors of stone
Creating tranquility serene
Curiosity has descended
Upon my furrowed brow
Shall I stay and see this scene by night
Or shall I leave right now
But it would be such a pity to go
For the dusk was Oh! so near
Would this be a treat in the moonlight
Minute sounds so very clear
A couple of Rabbits go scurrying by
The last of the song birds sing
As I look to what may have been a belfry
Will I hear those ancient bells ring
The strangest thoughts all come to mind
As I stroll there all alone
Will I see the ghosts of a thousand years
As their fates they all bemoan
The time is passing quickly
Was that an old hinge I heard squeak
Will I see a ghostly hooded figure walk by
And in some bygone language speak
The Moon is full in the Heavens now
In a perfectly cloudless sky
Like a spotlight on this Crumbling ruin
Can I imagine if I try
To think of this monument in infancy
With horsemen riding by
Perhaps knights in shining armour
And damsels in distress as well
Apparently this is how it happened then
Or that is how I’ve heard folks tell
The dawn is coming up now
And I’m happy that I stayed
To see the ruins in different aspects
Ancient memories displayed
So it’s time for me to leave now
And make the return journey back home
walking across that desolate moor
Going home alone
When I could write a journal
On this fascinating day
A journey back to yesteryear
Perfect in every way.


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