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Covered in snow is all we know!
The truth is there somewhere,
The trouble is, it’s snowed too many times!
Layers of lies are guarding our eyes;
The blanket descends to crush our spirit,
To wrap our souls in different goals.

All the folk that have ever lived,
Lie forgotten and buried, despite all they did!
Husbands, sons, daughters, wives,
All have lived in different lives!

The white is bright, a blinding light!
As we look ahead, already we are dead!
Music, song, love and laughter,
We lived for now and bugger the hereafter!
All are part of what we knew,
In bygone times when all life grew.

Big Brother is here, he holds the power,
As he gazes down from his crystalline tower,
He holds the reins, controls our monetary gains!
Who is he? We’ll never know,
In this parallel world of mucky snow!


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