Sad Farewell

by | May 22, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The flowers on your bedside table started to cry,
For they all knew that today you were saying goodbye,
Coloured petals all fell; an abundance of tears,
As the time for your departure drew ever more near.

You walked slowly down the stairs; suitcase in your hand,
And with large tears in our eyes, we heard the aircraft land,
With your arms tight around me and a catch in your voice,
You said you didnt want to leave, but had no other choice.

So I kissed you goodbye at the departure gate,
Saying ‘Hurry up now, before you leave it too late’
They soon shut the planes door; it quickly took to the sky,
Now I sadly return home, having said my goodbye.

The house now seems silent; there is no life here at all,
There is never an answer when your name I do call,
Just the sound of my sadness, like dripping of water,
And echoing space, after visit of my daughter.


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