Safe Working from the floor

by | Aug 5, 2023 | Poetry | 2 comments

Safe working from the floor

I’m perfectly safe working from the floor .
I’ve worked at height on Emley Moor
To trim an Apple tree is not an Arm Wrestle
I wouldn’t have to use a trestle,
A stack of metal would act as my floor
Then I could get busy with my Saw
Finishing the job without a care , the temporary floor moved
I flew through the Air
Landing like an ex steel fixer
i came a cropper on the concrete mixer
Bruised Ego and knuckles ,
plus bleeding from head
Some men my age would have finished up dead
The swelling will go down
a Small scar will show
And with the friends Ive got
David Killelay
(An ex Sappers story told to me)


  1. Jan Hedger

    And thanks for sharing with us.

    • Dave K

      Thank you Jan
      Good to know your still plodding on kind regards to Mac , Tom and all


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