Saga of Khan Part 4

by | May 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

On Englands misty plain, Guardian made his stand
Against the vile Khan, and his large marauding band
Guardian and son Jules, both fearless stood their ground
Then from out of the deep fog came a whistling sound.

Now into view strode McRacas the great fighting ape
As all of the Khans men stood with their mouths agape
He stood at Guardians side, without even a word.
But there in his right hand, was his great whistling sword.

The awesome three laughed at the enemies scorn
This was just the day, the day for which they were born
Now let no one tell you, not many men would die
On this field of battle, for that would be a lie.

The horde thundered at them in such vengeful spite
And battle then lasted for two days and one night
The squealing of horses and the screaming of men
And they fell to the ground, some one hundred and ten.

Guardian, stood tall and awesome with his long knife
Not forgetting for a moment, death of his wife
The great blade was a blur in the cold morning light
And he cut fifty down before coming of night.

McRacas stood to his right and Jules to his left
And many a head, from the enemy they cleft
The war cries of the three was heard throughout the land
And blood of hundred men soaked up English sand.


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