Saga of Khan Part 2

by | May 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Ignore me at thy leisure Khan, leader of thieves
Ye shall lose thy life as surely as trees shed leaves
For in thy ignorance and total evil bliss
God of gods has thee marked, for deaths sweetest kiss.

And as down deep ye go to hells forsaken hole
Think not of lasting peace, nor tranquil rest thy soul
For in the rotting depths of Satans stinking hell
Thy list of evil deeds then tolls its final bell.

Beg not for mercy Khan, to thee I have no love
For I have sworn upon oath, to the Gods above
That since thee has decreed to drag my name in mud
Then peace shall not be mine, until I taste thy blood.

My shining sword yet wielded in strong arm of right
Shall slice thy head from puny body with such might
And on the very portals of our fair citys gate
Shall sit the shrunken head, of Khan that all do hate.


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