Saga of Khan Part 3

by | May 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

There sat the arrogant Khan astride his great stead
Surveying the fair lands for another vile deed
By his side stood Tars, his omnipotent wizard
He was begat from sperm of malignant lizard.

Down in the green valley, with Grisaille his wife
Lives Guardian the warrior; he of the long knife
So happy together, and with Jules their strong son
Their lives were filled by such endless days of fun.

Through the valley then thundered the Khans vile horde
Led by the evil one with his blood bitten sword
And as they cut a swathe through the village of Gleare
To death fell Grisaille; she was killed by the spear!

Guardians vow of Khans death, heard throughout the lands
Written in history, and carved in the sands
And together with Jules, he began his long quest
Until the Khans demise, there would be no more rest.

They rode through all lands on their mission of revenge
Over burning hot deserts and through great Stonehenge
Through land of cold ice, where the sun never once sets
They went over mountains, to Great Russian Steppes.

Always on the trail of their venomous vile foe
Onwards and forever the vengeful twain would go
Until that day! On the plains of Englands fair land
Meeting evil Khan, the heroes made their bold stand.


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