Saga of Khan Part 5

by | May 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

A dark eerie silence now fell over the plain
The Khans beaten warriors having left the field
As the damp crawling mist gave way to drizzling rain
In village near, a bells sombre death knell now pealed.

The three brave heroes searched the blood stained place
Searching for the remains of the satanic Khan
Turning each body, to study the pale dead face
Realising, the evil one had long since gone.

Picking their way out of the deep gore and mud
The valiant three gave chase after their foe
Mounted on fresh horses and with fire in their blood
Swearing that wherever Khan went, they to would go.

Soon the avenging group, became an awesome might
And the search took them onwards through lands so diverse
And being joined by King Arthurs noble knights
They wrote many a chapter in historys curse.

At Chateaux De-Ath near a small Norman-French town
The heroes soon caught up with the marauding group
Where the Khan he now reigned, as king with a crown
And Guardian surrounded them with blood lust troop.

Those in the Chateaux suffered hunger and thirst
And the constant threat of the most horrible death
Many became bloated, with stomachs fit to burst
Becoming more frightened with every breath.

On the morning of the Friday, 13th day of May
Then out trotted the surrenders flag of pure white
Telling heroes and followers, theyd won the day
But Guardian must face Khan in battle that night.


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