Saga of Khan Part 6

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Into the arena rode the two warriors proud,
But on parapet high, a lone archer he took aim
The figure of Jules sprinted from the gathered crowd
To guard his fathers back, and to spoil this archers game.

An arm of steel sinews, drew back a javelin black
And through dark and cold night air, straight that javelin flew
A terrifying scream rang out as it pierced the archers back
For Jules was a champion, and his aim was good and true.

A fearsome look of wrath and fear, overcame the Khan
Drawing his great scimitar, charging into battle
For he knew that this was the end, and all hopes had gone
Ever on his mind, past folk slaughtered like cattle.

Horses met with a crash and riders fell to the ground
But climbing to their feet, the fight then soon started
Furious they fought, with clash of steel the only sound
All night battle lasted, until the black skies parted.

With a thrust and a parry, a cut and vicious slash
Khan slashed Guardians chest, blood flooded to the ground
Hero fell upon his knees, his chest an open gash
Khan stood above him, raising his sword without a sound.

Strange sound came from the hero, a prayer to his wife
As Khan began final strike, to cause the heros death
Guardians hand left the ground, gripping his long black knife
Pierced through the vile heart, the Khan took his final breath.

Two weeks and four days, Guardian lay at door of death
But with love of his Son, he rallied to the call
Then soon began to mend, without gurgles in his breath
And after a year, was again standing brave and tall.

As you then pass this spot, just outside the Chateauxs gate
There stands a blood-drenched pole, with head of the vile Khan
For the evil one had made his killing blow too late
And give thanks to God, he is finally dead and gone.

The END!


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