Sailors cabaret

by | Jun 16, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

To think of you bouncing over the sea
Adrenalin running wild
With an ever eager excitement
As when you were a child
And having tried the boating scene
I know to you just what it means
The peace as the world just passes by
The Sun at it’s peak in a cloudless sky
Whoops what’s that Seagull dropped in your eye
Oh! dear It’s lucky they say
But luckier still if they missed your head
And the deposit lands in the sea instead
The birds that follow in your wake
Hoping some scraps from you they’ll take
Or into the ocean they may dive
Immerging with a fish they’ve
caught alive
Audaciously sit & devour ’pon your bow
And Whoops!!! that’s all gone through them now
As they wing their way once fed
And you’re alone with the wind and spray
Wondering what else you’ll see today
Porpoise or Dolphin, or seals and Sharks
All getting up to their various larks
This is the Sailor’s Cabaret.


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