Sally sits in the window and looks out

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Sally sits in the large bay window of her seafront house overlooking Staithe’s harbour, it’s December 1939, and England is at war with Germany!
Everyone is waiting for news, she leans back in the chair and closes her eyes,
Peace and quiet settle around her like a blanket,
There’s a knock at the door and the maid enters, “Exscuse me Madam there’s a gentleman to see you he says he knows your brother!”
Wide awake at once she asks Tilly to show him up, contact at last , she’s heard nothing for three months!
A tall good looking man enters the room, “Miss Stirling, my name is Oliver Ford,
I’m serving with your brother in France, he’s been wounded and is in hospital in Lyonne.”
Sally is immediately on her feet, “Is he badly hurt?” her heart is lurching into her throat.
“He’s lost his legs I’m afraid, he would like to see you, could you come back with me tonight, there’s a boat leaving at midnight?”
“Yes I’ll go and pack now,” she says . Ascending the stairs her legs feel like lead!
Her brothers face is suddenly before her, “Don’t worry Sal, I’ll hang on till you get here”.
Back downstairs, she calls out to the maid, “Emergency Tilly I’m going to France, Ned has been injured. I’ll ring you when I get there.”
Outside it’s bitterly cold, she feels even colder inside, numb with dread!
She climbs into a waiting car beside Oliver Ford and he puts a blanket over her knees.
“It’s a two hour drive try and relax,” he says and passes her a flask of brandy,
“This bloody war try not too worry, he’s holding up,” concern creases his brow,
The knot inside her stomach eases as the brandy takes effect and soon she’s asleep.
Sally is back in her childhood again racing along the clifftop, Ned not far behind and he’shouting “Wait for me Sal, wait ……I love you!” “Keep up then tortoise she yells!”
“Miss Stirling, we’re here.” Sally peers into the darkness a small cabin cruiser is waiting for them, Oliver Ford takes her arm, and they descend the steps to the jetty
A howling gale is rocking the little boat alarmingly, “It’ll be a tough crossing sit here I’ll be back soon.” and he’s gone!
Suddenly the handsome face appears beside her.
“One hour’s crossing, there’ll be a car waiting for us.”
“Here drink this”. she slugs back the water, “Thanks, not far to go then when we arrive?”
“Ten minutes,” he says.
As Sally enters the hospital she looks ahead willing Ned to be ok, scanning the ward she sees him in the far corner .
Reaching for his hand she bends to kiss him,
“Sal, oh Sal, always in a scrape aren’t I?” Mum and Dad are here, they`re over there,
Sally follows the direction of his hand, then looks back just in time to see him smile,
“So glad you`re all here, I am so lucky !”
Through a mist of tears she feels Oliver Ford`s presence beside her.
“Thankyou we were in time” she mumbles, “he`s just gone!”
Sally lays her head on the pillow beside her brother and whispers goodbye, in her minds eye she`s running along a clifftop with Ben behind her, “wait for me, wait for me,” he shouts!


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