Sam Small, of Monologue Fame

by | Mar 17, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

You’ve ‘ear of Sam Small, of Monologue fame
Who wouldn’t pick up his musket, till Duke ‘ad came
‘E then went to battle, against Napoleon’s crew
T’ show ‘em just what, a Yorkshire man could do
It were twenty to one, on Napoleon’s side
But Sam wasn’t bother, he soon turn the tide
‘E gave them old frogies such a terrible time
They all set off home, to sup up their wine
Duke Wellington was pleased, ‘nd to Sam he said
“You’ve done well today lad, so go off to bed,
And then in morning, wi’ all lads on parade.
I’ll give thee a medal for making my day.
And far in the future they’ll all know thee name
When they talk about Sam Small, of monologue fame.”


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