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In the Sanger I stand
Looking out over this land
Not much to do
It makes me go BOO HOO!

I have a swift scope
I can only hope
That the nurse in no.23
Takes notice of me

The Sanger is dark
It’s starting to nark
As I stand here in the dark
In Sanger no. 3
I really need a pee!

The heater is on
It’s getting quite warm
I ponder what is wrong
There is an awful pong

I wait for the corporal
To move me along
To Sanger no. 4
Up through the trap door

I write down some whit
They will probably think I am a twit
But I don’t give a shit
All of a sudden we get a hit
And the rounds bounce of the Sanger

The intercom buzzes
What direction is the gunman?
I don’t know I howl
Why don’t you know comes the growl?
Because I am on the f****** floor
I wish I was back in Sanger no. 3
And I now don’t need to pee!


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