Save us January 2010

by | Jan 11, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Save the planet from pollution.
Does anyone have the solution?
Save your soul and find redemption,
Lord deliver us; from temptation.

Who will save us from the bomb?
How many other countries have the atom?
War in Afghanistan; a world in fear,
no one knows if a terrorist is near.

Who is that on the phone?
Are we safe in our own home?
Crime and violence in the street.
Why are there no police on the beat?
Too busy making their paperwork, look neat?

Global warming is the new religion,
with high prices that give you indigestion.
You’re expected to just pay up
and follow blind leaders without question.

Worst of all, this winter is freezing;
with snow and ice on every path and road.
It’s really not easy for the poor and the old.
It seems no one cares that so many are so cold:

Far too expensive for them to use their heating,
but someone has to pay for greed and profiteering.


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