Saying Goodbye

by | Apr 21, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

What do you say when they’re ready to leave
To those people that you love so very much
What do you say as they look back at you?
Because you can no longer say stay in touch!

What should you feel and how should you act
When you know they are leaving for good
Is there a right and wrong way of showing you care?
Is there a rule that you must or you should?

How will they know that you love them so much?
How can you comfort them so?
They’re packed and they’re ready and are waiting in line
They are preparing to leave you and go.

Why must they go and leave you alone
Why must you have to deal with this fear?
To be left on your own, as they leave you for good
To be left by the ones you hold dear

So how should I act and how should I show
My feelings on this very sad day
To be lost in my thoughts and feeling so sad
And not knowing what to do or to say

The answer my friend is quite simple indeed
Open up and wear your heart on your sleeve
They are looking at you to make sure you’re ok
Before they can finally leave

So tell them you love them and show them you care
And hold them and say your goodbyes
They love you as well and they know that you do
They can see by the tears in your eyes.


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