Schemes and Dreams

by | May 5, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why then do I hope, and why constantly dream?
As fate interferes with my every scheme
When every nuance, of a happy life
From just moderate wealth, and a faithful wife
Constantly avoid me; leave me dejected
And feelings, that I’m not very respected
Hoping that one day, sweetest dreams will come true
And my skies will remain, consistently blue
My pockets would jingle with coins of the realm
And the other species, I’d then overwhelm
I spend oodles of money on Lottery spree
Yet each single draw, is against only me
They place in computer, numbers not chosen
And if that doesn’t work, the damn draw is frozen
The only rich, are the Lottery bosses
Because, they never have bloody great losses
And on their arms as they swagger and shimmer
Are lovely women, with diamonds that glimmer
I know you can’t buy love with money and gold
But I send this prayer before I’m too old
Oh dear God! Just give me the very first chance
And then to your tune, I will forever dance.



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