Schools of Yesteryear

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

Thinking back to the days of childhood
Life was so different then
Lessons were chalked up on the blackboard
Then written in textbooks with pencil or pen
Teachers were then respected
As education they tried to instil
To eager classes of pupils waiting
Their heads with knowledge to fill
Technology then was minimal
Computers not even a dream
Mathematics and mental arithmetic
Calculators werenot part of the scheme
Science was taught in laboratories
With Chemicals, Test Tubes & Bunsen Burners
Detention was there for miscreants
And late classes for the slow learners
Morning assembly the start to each day
Woe betide those who came late
Viewed by those eager teachers eyes
Who looked forward to choosing their fate
Maybe a hundred lines or detention
Or outside the Headmasters study to stand
Where passing students could ostracise you
Which sometimes would get out of hand
Perhaps caught by a Teacher passing
When travelling from class to class
Extra schooling might fit the crime
How slowly those hours would pass
School uniforms were mandatory
Where each child was dressed the same
Everyone equal though rich or poor
No one to praise or put to shame
Was schooling better in yesteryear
There’s a chance that it just might have been
For today life seems to be totally reliant
On the Computer that Electronic Technological Machine


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