Scotland forever

by | May 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Scotland forever was the cry
A steely look was in the men’s eye
The order rang out
Get your bayonets out

A flash of steel
And McRae’s men were ready
The platoon sergeant’s ordered the men to be steady
For ahead lay a job that had to be done
The Earl of Haig has chosen this one

No man’s land was quiet and still
As the enemies machine guns
Were cocked and made ready
McRae’s men still remained steady

They were all brothers in arms
Who had rallied to the call?
The Edinburgh pals who would give it their all

The whistle blew
16th Royal Scots knew what they had to do
Over the top into hell they went
To vanquish the enemy the pals were hell bent
Many brave souls were lost
At such a terrible cost

They fought with honour and pride
The Heart of Midlothian
Edinburgh’s pride

For today none are left
But their stories of valour live on
The pals of the 16th Royal Scots
Who fought so bravely on the Somme
A battle of World War 1


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