Second chance

by | Mar 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

In Flanders fields red poppies grow,

In far away lands of ice and snow

A wolf howls his love for his pack

As he follows his timeless old track.

In sandy deserts where no shade is found

A camel groans, as he toils around,

Carrying out his tasks, a human’s slave.

Shackled, then tethered to a stave.

And from afar a Whippoorwill calls,

Cats fall asleep on garden walls.

In deep oceans , large Whales cry

Their haunting heart rending sigh.

Man still quarrels with his neighbours,

Gun domination the road he favours.

Bombs, and shells, spread death and distruction,

Decease and death, final oblivion.

Darkness now fills the sky, all is quiet,

The planet waits for another chance,

Another dawn to start anew.

Cleansing the land the oceans too.

At last a faint clear light,

Peeping over the mountains height.

Slpwly recovering, nature breathes again,

Starting up her old refrain.

A poppy grows in Flanders field,

A wolf howls across the weald,

A camel groans, a Whippoorwill calls,

Cats fall asleep on garden walls.

In deep oceans, a Whales haunting.

As nature awakes for another try,

But where is man? No signs yet.

Is that haunting cry for him??.


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