Secret Dreams

by | Jun 20, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

It is with bated breath of wizard’s hope
I gaze o’er the rooftops at stars on rope
Malevolent face of Satan’s brother moon
He has a smiling face, this round buffoon.

Vile witch and goblins all come out to play
Concocting potions in their evil way
To spray it around before coming morn’
Causing much great strife on a world so torn.

I lift up my staff; the emblem of life
Knowing quite well evil plans are rife
Riding on my back, an Angel in white
Guides me through the path of Milky-way light.

Across the deep heavens, black and so wide
Small pinpricks of starlight scurry and hide
Oh the splendour! The silent night prevails
Large white clouds rush by, like giant ships with sails.

The maker of night dreams rides starry plough
And over the Moon, jumps a large brown cow.
Then came Pegasus the great winged horse
And Orion! On a rainbow of course!

And yet still the splendour of night prevails
In spite of the rats, bats and green frogs tails.
Then I hear Mother’s voice: Or so it seems!
Saying, “Wake young man! Snap out of your dreams”

This dream cannot be told, unlike the rest
So I shake Angel dust out of my vest
If YOU dream such dreams when sleeping tonight
Please keep our secret! Make safe your bright light.


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