Secret Love

by | Oct 14, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

When asked to define a “Secret Love”
Just where would you think to start
Are your thoughts on passion alone
Or maybe affairs of the heart
For love is explored in so many ways
With many very differing views
Of what should be a normal love
Which many may deem to confuse
With a “Secret Love” or affection
Or maybe just a passing phase
Is it flattery from a passing admirer
On better forgotten days
Sitting alone in a crowded room
And around the room your stare
Catching a glance of a potential admirer
As he turns round in his chair
Was that a nod of acknowledgement
Or just a shake of the head
Could this be your Prince Charming
Or mistaken intentions instead
So now you are left in a quandary
On your options you must now muse
Should you just make a direct approach
Or shyness be the path you choose
Then everything changes as he passes your chair
And furtively places a card in your hand
Containing name & address & telephone number
His intentions are now clear to understand
So now it is time to make a decision
Is this the answer to your prayer from above
Perhaps with stolen moments of passion
To become your own “Secret Love”


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