Seeking love.

by | May 5, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Air is fresh on top of the Scottish mountains,
Bright blue Heather grows well, high upon its peak,
You can find love beside Italian fountains
You CAN find love, where ever you wish to seek.

Clear blue seas lap the shores of tropical islands,
Fierce rivers flow swiftly through each awesome creek,
You can find love whilst scaling Scottish mountains,
You CAN find love, where ever you wish to seek.

Wild Salmon leap in Arctic’s freezing waters,
They say its journey is one of nature’s freaks,
Love’s found with native American daughters,
You CAN find love where ever you care to seek.

Eiffel tower is a sight you must behold,
Entranced by life’s people; strong and the meek
In awe, until your hot coffee then turns cold,
But you’ll find love if ONLY you care to seek.

You maybe young, or perhaps you are eighty,
You maybe strong, or maybe just feeling weak
In love for years, or perhaps fallen lately,
But you HAVE found love, BECAUSE you dared to seek.


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