Seen Off

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

It starts with just the one
And that’s not a problem
In fact it’s quite fun

Then it’s “just the two”
Still it’s not too bad
But it clouds your view

May as well drink the bottle
Feelings now unfeeling
Rearing to go in full throttle

Moving up another gear
What’s the problem
With adding a little beer

The problem is THAT leer
Which opens the doorway
For your alto self to appear

A portal opened by drink
Entrance to the dark side
Can take you to the brink

It’s worth the peace you say
But a world without love
Is the price you pay

Alto self is using you
For what you sacrifice
Is not what’s due

Sip not from the poison chalice
Learn to love yourself
And bear no malice


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