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Sunlight dawn, September day
We’ll remember them in a special way
For three decades and more, much wasted life
Leaving devastation, trouble and strife
They aged no more, their years remain
But lives lost, were not in vain
Though unsettled, a peace is here
Fragile, delicate, of breaks a fear

Numbers confused, a total unsure
Too many yes, of that we’re sure
But many more survive today
Forget them not, you’ll hear us say
For sunlit mornings, we all hold dear
Whatever day, month or year
Though memories fade, remembrance will not
Their steadfast bravery will not be forgot

So gather you round, we’re all the same
You need not have to know their name
Just know you this, they served you well
Queen and country to heaven and hell
Young and fit the remain to be
They carry the fight for all to see
Sunlight dawn, September day
We’ll remember them in our special way


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