Service Love

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As I sit in a Bar with only female company
I wonder if the world has passed me by
For I never seem to meet my Mr Right
No matter how hard I try
So I raise my head and cast my eyes across the room
To see if the situation may change tonight
And there are a group of young fellows standing there
Oh What a welcoming sight
They were obviously here to celebrate
Out on a drinking spree
And just as I raised my head again
One of these young fellows was looking at me
So I pretended I hadn’t seen him
To make him think I didn’t really care
But this rebuff never deterred him
As he strode over and stood by my chair
“ Excuse me “luv” can I buy you a drink
I considered and quickly agreed
Could this be the answer to a Maiden’s prayer
Will my search for a friend succeed
So off we sauntered into the Garden
And we sat and chatted for some time
Talking on Oh! so many subjects
Could this be my love sublime
Then he turned and looked with a tear in his eye
Me and the lads are here to celebrate
Our return to the U K from the Warzone
And say goodbye to our best mate
We all joined the Army together
We marched we studied and we drilled
To be Professional Soldiers in the British Army
But in a battle one of our lads was killed
My heart missed a beat as I listened to his words
To see a face that was filled with compassion
A man so young to have witnessed war’s horrors
When my main thoughts were the latest dress fashion
From this moment on our friendship developed
And frequently we would meet
He promised not to get too serious
But have a friendship without lies or deceit
The days and the weeks flew quickly by
Then the day came I knew I would dread
My young love said we must part for a while
As he returned to Afghanistan instead
So now I’m all alone
Like other Sweethearts and Service Wives
But for me this is something I’ve never known before
Where I used to study the time on my watch
And wait for the bell to ring at my front door
Now all alone as I sit patiently and wait
For that long awaited message on the phone or computer
Or waiting for the Postman at the gate
To me it is all a new experience
I wonder if to me my Soldier will return
Or will my love affair fall into obscurity
Will it be another bitter lesson for me to learn
Then out of the blue I get a letter in the Mail
From the lad abroad for whom my love has grown
It starts to say how much he misses me
So I take it to the bedroom to read alone
I hope that given time I shall settle to this life
Where it seems existence hangs on every word
And if I was told that I would feel like this a few weeks ago
I would think that it was totally absurd
The weeks go by with a message here and there
And he assures me that life is not to bad
And I’m pleased that he never mentions the loss of colleagues
And when he’s home with me again I’ll be glad
For the question that comes across my mind now and then
Will a Soldier all his life he want to be
Or will he settle for the role of a Civilian
And stay at home and raise a Family with me
For to stay a Service Wife you’re something special
No medals do you get pinned upon your chest
And you’re always there to support your Partner
So he can carry out the job that he knows best
But for me the months have flown
Since I’ve been here at home alone
And I’ve received a wonderful message today
To say my Soldier boy’s unit has been relieved
And the lads are all now on their way
They’ll have such a warm reception
From people far and wide
Who appreciate a job that’s been well done
By our lads from the British Army
Who make sure the rebels cannot hide
So it’s time for a celebration once more
For my young lover boy and me
And we’ll return to that same Bar again
And perhaps all of his mates we’ll see
It’s really nice to have his company again
And I know that before the Party ends
We’ll all raise our glasses to his mates and their sweethearts
With a special toast to absent friends

Dennis Shrubshall
a.k.a. Dorothy Violet Louise


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