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I’m standing here alone
My back against the wall
My body is a trembling
I’m slumped, but once stood tall

My blindfold wet and cold
Sticking to my tears
I search my mind for future life
Beyond my 18 years

My knees transformed to putty
Can’t support my weight
My hands tied by my Country
Which once I thought was great

They said I was a coward
They never asked me why
Court Marshalled here in secret
I know I’m going to die

I can’t see what is happening
My blindfold bound so tight
The silence now is killing me
As Dawn appears from night

Get it over, get it done
Why do they make me wait ?
I really need to urinate
Can’t they see my state ?

A clicking from the Rifle Bolts
A stream runs down my leg
I only have but seconds left
“ Don’t kill me “ now I beg

The fear it makes me Vomit
The birds they start to trill
Then suddenly go quiet
The eerie Dawn stands still

The birds they sense a Death is near
Life ends right here for me
A ‘ Crack ! ‘ from all those rifles
In perfect harmony

Send a message to my loved ones
Don’t listen, what they said
I was young and frightened
I shouldn’t lie here dead


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