Show me love

by | Nov 11, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Show me what love is, because I don’t know,
In your emotions, it doesn’t seem to show.
Show me love, like i`ve never had,
Take away my sadness, and make me glad.
Show me love, im ready for it now,
I want your love, somewhere, somehow.
Show me love, let it be me you miss,
Let my lips be the ones you kiss.
Show me love, fill me with joy,
Let me be your cuddly toy.
Show me love, anyway you can,
Show me that you are my man.
Show me love, when you walk through the door,
Love me like you’ve never loved before.
Show me love, no more teasing,
Let me be the one, it is your pleasing.
Is showing me love, such a hard task,
Show me love, that’s all I ask.


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