Silence of the Wood

by | Jun 10, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I sat in my car in the silence of woods
Telling myself that nothing was left
The hosepipe connected with the windows taped shut
The ignition running, enough is enough

I was feeling so low with the loss of all friends
I felt that this was the way to end
The government’s denial that mind battles exist
Get on with life is all they insist

Letters to loved ones and pictures of my kids
I knew all of this I was going to miss
Then something change I felt over whelmed
A feather from nowhere fell to the ground

Someone was with me I could feel them around
I opened the door and fell to the ground
The voices I heard were that of my friends
Who told me in their words, this is not my end

My demons are locked in a room so tight
Allowing me a glint of sleep at night
Life is changing for the better I hope
As Everyday goes on the more I can cope


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