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Sleep now gentle soldier.
Your worldly cares release.
You have fought with valour…
Now sleep the sleep of peace.
No more earthly sorrows…
Now that you are free.
Sleep now gentle soldier…
Immortal you will be.

Sleep now gentle soldier.
Take your well earned rest.
Meet you with your Saviour…
Dwell now with the best.
Angels come to bear you…
And take your soul away.
Sleep now gentle soldier…
In paradise today.

Sleep now noble warrior.
You have paid a price.
The Nation will remember
Your self-sacrifice.
Enemies are scattered…
And Satan overcome.
Sleep now noble warrior…
In your heavenly home.

Sleep now gentle soldier.
No more shed a tear.
Your battle is now over…
You have naught to fear.
A new dawn awaits you…
And a future bright.
Sleep now gentle soldier…
Farewell…and goodnight.


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