Sleep tight

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

From the darkest depths of night,
Sleepless, but tired, try as you might,
From the darkest depths of your mind,
You look, but Oblivion you will not find,
Sometimes I am awake, near through the night.

Deeply you look into your soul,
A few hours, that is your goal,
Deeply you think and ponder,
Tired during the day, I shouldn’t Wonder,
Sometimes I can feel the first rays of light,

Many things I consider,
All the lost sleep, I am not bitter,
Many things I have felt about us and ours,
The extra time, used, productive hours,
Sometimes I can see the birds take flight,

What else can I think,
I long to fall into sleep, just to sink,
What else would one do,
I am an insomniac, how about you?
Sometimes dawns chorus ends my night.


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