Smell the colour

by | May 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Listen hard! Can you smell the colour of the night?
Hear the prevailing pain through loves black loss of sight
As jealousy strains against your heavenly dream
And the deep emotions, now never what they seem.

Can you smell the black colour of the starlit night?
When you think life, and sweetest dream will turn out right
Standing by your side, your lover and dearest friend
Listening to moonlit nights never seem to end.

In deep black smell of heavens, that stretch near and far
You wish upon a solitary shooting star
That all your wildest thoughts of adultery lie
And the ghosts that haunt your unsleeping dreams soon die.

Truth in its painful way will haunt your crying heart
You knew it was the awful truth right from the start
The black cloak of crying night wraps your salty tears
Reminding you of broken heart for many years.

As the sound of black night falls, close your precious eyes
Then remember onto death: True love never dies.
Smell you afresh, the colour deep of deepest blue
Wish upon silver stars, that your next love be true.

The dawning sun that eventually appears
Mends a damaged heart, then wipes away the tears
But will ever-fractured trust come to the fore
Yet to smell the colour of deepest love, once more?


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